Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is how American Express treats new card members!

American Express approved me for a "Delta Skymiles" credit card with a $2,000 initial credit limit and only after 20 days of use of the card, without going over my limit or having the opportunity to pay my first payment of $35 they suspend my account and place me under financial review. Please see this video...

Basically American Express wants me to jump through hoops over a 30+ day process and an IRS form to prove that I can make the $35 monthly payment on a $2,000 limit. WOW! I have not even had the card 30 days yet and they suspend it! My credit score is over 770 but they pull my credit anyway, again, only to ask me why I have applied for new credit.

So I have applied for a few credit cards lately to build my credit because I eventually want to buy a house and American Express gets alarmed and suspends my new account for no logical reason! In addition, my appeals to American Express to review information that would logically cause them to lift the suspension is something that; a. they will not even consider and b. that they do not even take the time to review. If I treated my clients like American Express has treated me then I would be out of business!

Here is how I treat my clients, I over-deliver every time!

I am self-employed and if American Express would take just 5 minutes they would see that I do not pose any risk to them regardless of what their automated system tells them!

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I do not expect to "win" my request for an appeal with American Express but how they have treated me is wrong, plain and simple!